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We've researched the Top 5 things you can do to fill your vacancy, FAST. Here's how:

We recommend...

  1. Uploading several photos of your property (we allow up to 12 photos) to give an accurate representation of your listing.
  2. Making sure your ad gets seen by a lot of renters! (our Featured Property upgrade moves your ad to the TOP of our Search Results for maximum exposure).
  3. Diversify, diversify, diversify... Advertising your rental on multiple websites is a really good idea. (Our "Upload-to-Craigslist" Tool quickly syndicates your ad on Craigslist too).
  4. Answering questions from interested renters promptly lets the renter know you really want to fill your vacancy. You never know whether that next call or email happens to be from a well-qualified renter.
  5. Researching what other properties in your area are charging for rent. Check out our Average Rental Price Tool.

Implement each of these items above, and in 5-10 minutes, you can have a well-optimized rental advertising campaign attracting 100's of renters in your area.

Once you list your rental, our Rental Ad Optimization Team will review your listing and provide suggestions (or tweaks) that will help your ad stand out!

Here are some important other benefits that you should know about our service, at Rental Househunter...

With up to 12 photos, your rental will get noticed.
Pictures can tell a thousand words. Get a huge bang for your buck with 12 photos of your property on Rental Househunter. The #1 selling feature for any rental ad is a photo. That's why 12 photos will really make your ad stand-out!
View a sample Rental Househunter ad.

Track the Number of Visitors who have viewed your listing. This helps you know how well your listing is always doing.
Every time a renter clicks on your Ad, you will know about it. Login to our Landlord Control Panel to view the overall number of visitors who have visited your ad and respond to messages from interested renters.

Making edits to your rental description or photos for your listing is easy to do...
Did you happen to forget to include whether or not you accept pets or multiple tenants? Make updates to your rental ad anytime, anywhere, through our Online Landlord Control Panel.

Provide lots of additional details about your rental (which cuts down on common questions that you may receive).
Your ad comes with a 500-character description to help you describe all of the features included in your Rental Property. (Try squeezing that into the local newspaper classified ad!)

We help you reduce the most common question... "Where is your rental located?" with our Map-It Feature.
We help you filter out one of the most common questions from a renter - - "Where is your property located?". We have a built-in Google Map feature that shows interested renters where your rental property is located.

Super-charge the amount of renters who view your ad by using our powerful "Upload-to-Craigslist Tool," which gets your listing in front of 100's to 1,000's more renters!
Let's face it, a lot of renters ONLY look on Craigslist. If you are not advertising your property there several times a month, you are missing out on a huge percentage of renters.

Our "Upload-to-Craigslist Tool" makes it easy AND your ad will standout. We provide a professionally-designed ad for you to upload to Craigslist, instead of having to settle for the boring-old Craigslist ad.

In addition, we help to reduce Craigslist email spam... How?
Since your ad is really just posted on Rental Househunter and then syndicated onto Craigslist, we help filter out much of the Craigslist spam that Landlords might typically receive. In addition, renters will trust you more as a Landlord, by seeing that your rental is actually being advertised on a true rental website.

Receive tons more traffic from renters by upgrading to our Featured Property Listing, which moves your ad to the top of our Search Results.
Upgrade your listing to an Enhanced Listing, or a Featured Property for just a little bit more. An "Enhanced Listing" changes the background color for your listing in our Search Results, which draws the visitor's eye to it much easier.

Additionally, a "Featured Listing" combines the features of an Enhanced Listing, but also advertises your property at the top of our Search Results, which a renter will see each time they move on to the next page in our results for your location.

We provide a Risk-free, Landlord Guarantee*
We want you to fill your vacancy FAST, but what happens if you don't? No need to worry, with our Landlord Guarantee. If you do not fill your vacancy within the original Listing Duration time period, we will extend your ad until it is filled!

(Please note that your ad will appear on Rental Househunter only. We unfortunately do not post ads to local newspapers at this time.)

Need more details? View a checklist of more features.

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Google Map-It Feature allows interested renters to quickly find where your rental property is located.

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