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With over 140,000 rental listings appearing on Rental Househunter, make sure your ad stands out, by appearing at the top of our search results.
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A Showcase Listing really helps your rental ad stand out in our Search Results, as your ad's background color will be highlighted to draw renters attention...
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Quickly gauge how well your Rental Ad is doing by tracking the number of renters who have clicked your ad.
Landlord Control Panel
Make updates to your rental ad any time and check messages from interested renters.
Risk-free and worry-free Landlord Guarantee
If you do not fill your vacancy within the listing's duration timeframe, we will extend your listing's duration until it's filled.
Quick Upload-to-Craigslist receives 75,000,000+ visitors / month and much of that traffic is from renters.

Make sure your Rental Househunter ad appears on Craigslist too, by using our helpful Quick Upload-to-Craigslist tool.

Printable Sales Flyer (to include at Open Houses)
Dedicated web address
Ideal for adding links from Newspaper classified sites, Craigslist, local search engnes and more, to point to your Rental Househunter ad!
Access to 100,000's of renters through the Top Search Engines like Yahoo!, Google, Bing, and
Link to your Facebook Account
Did you know that friends and acquaintances are great referrals to help you fill your vacancy? They can't help you fill it unless they know about it.




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Rental Househunter takes advantage of PayPal as its Secure Credit Card payment processor, for greater protection of your information. Our checkout process is secured using PayPal and its highly-encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. For security measures, Rental Househunter never sees or stores any Credit Card information - - EVER.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express through PayPal's online checkout system for your safety and convenience.

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